every day is a sunny day

323/∞ of lee soonkyu

323/ of lee soonkyu

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do u ship sunny w anyone else?

i ship her with everyone. there is no such thing as an OTP Left Behind. sunny could have chemistry with a lamp and i’d be totally okay with it. probably. i think.

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ultimate sunny otp? can be gif or eidt :3

i’m like 95% sure that this was not what you were expecting lol

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my ultimate sunny otp: sunny + suho

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322/∞ of lee soonkyu

322/ of lee soonkyu

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sunny phone wallpapers ☼ (requested by sunnkyu)
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sunny + teen top ♥
sunny + teen top ♥

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Congrats on TWO years of being an awesome blog! But may I make a request for some pics of Sunny with short blonde hair like the 'The Boys' era? Thank yoouuu :D

thank you so much! and here you go! i had such a hard time picking my favorites, hehe 

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